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Our Internists are located at 1600 36th Street, Vero Beach

Internists at 36th Street Medical Park
1600 36th Street, Suite C
Vero Beach, FL 32960.

Telephone:(772) 569-6112
FAX:(772) 569-5158

Request Refills of Medications

Request a Refill

First call your pharmacist to request a refill. If authorization if required, your pharmacist will contact our office. Prescription refill authorizations are contingent upon you maintaining recommended follow-up appointments and/or lab test monitoring. Be sure to allow 72 hours for refill requests to be approved. Monitor your pill bottles and contact your pharmacy at least 5 days before you will run out of meds. Please call the office for requests or questions (772) 569-6112.

Request a New Medication

Any new medication prescription may require an office visit with a physician. Please call the office to inquire (772) 569-6112.

Are you sick and want an Antibiotic?

In general, our physicians do not prescribe antibiotics without an office visit. Most respiratory infections are self-limited and will not be helped by taking antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics leads to the development of resistant bacteria, which can make subsequent infections harder to treat.

If you are feeling sick, please call the office if you would like to schedule an appointment: (772) 569-6112.

Local Pharmacies

First call your pharmacist to request a refill. As a courtesy, here are some common local pharmacy numbers:


CVS @ 17th St: 567-8792
CVS @ 53rd St: 564-6110
CVS Beach: 231-9330
CVS @ 60: 569-3779
CVS @ 43rd/Oslo: 564-8235
Walgreens/Rt60: 778-1772
Walgreens/17th: 569-1414
Walgreens/Oslo: 562-0761
Perkins/IR: 567-2555
Perkins/West: 978-6470